Replacing Disqus with utterances

utterances is a very cool commenting system based on GitHub issues. I ran into this project about 6 months ago, and after seeing how well issues work for, I decided to migrate my site to use the same system.

This was fairly trivial, despite Metalsmith not having any utterances plugin.

Simply ripping out all the code related to metalsmith-disqus from index.js and package.json. Then replacing the code that rendered disqus with the script.

diff --git a/layouts/post.pug b/layouts/post.pug
--- a/layouts/post.pug
+++ b/layouts/post.pug
@@ -8,5 +8,6 @@ block content

     != contents

-  section
-    div#disqus_thread
+  if comments
+    script(src="" repo=utterances.repo issue-term=utterances.issueterm async)

This seemed like a simple enough setup not to need its own plugin, it can just be enabled/disabled using the existing comments flag from the post frontmatter.

Then add a new field to the metadata so the layout renderer can replace utterances.repo and utterances.issueterm variables

diff --git a/index.js b/index.js
--- a/index.js
+++ b/index.js
@@ -19,7 +18,12 @@ Metalsmith(__dirname)
     site: {
       title: 'mwild'
-  }})
+    },
+    utterances: {
+      repo: 'tehmantra/',
+      issueterm: 'title'
+    }
+  })

Check out the comments below 👇👇👇